E-Learning Localization

As companies become increasingly global, the need for employees to be trained in their local languages rises in prominence.

Employees relate better to training and course content that are presented to them in their native languages and tailored to their cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Localized online learning ensures that:

  • Training is conducted in a highly comprehensible and precise manner
  • Communication messages are improved between a company’s headquarters and overseas operations
  • A higher level of engagement is achieved throughout the learning process

With specialized teams of online learning instructional designers and developers, extensive network of native translators, experienced localization project managers as well as the latest multimedia development tools, Verztec provides full-fledged localization services for your online learning courses into a wide range of foreign languages, for your global training needs.
Client: Baxter

BaxterLocalized course in Spanish
BaxterLocalized course in Portuguese

Client: Sun Microsystems

SunOriginal – English
SunLocalized course in Portuguese
SunLocalized course in Chinese

Client: Juniper Networks

JuniperLocalized course in Japanese
JuniperLocalized course in Chinese

Client: Microsoft

MicrosoftLocalized course in Korean
MicrosoftLocalized course in Japanese
MicrosoftLocalized course in Mandarin

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