English Proficiency Course

Companies around the world recognise the increasing importance of Workplace English Proficiency Training. Our Basic English Proficiency Online Modules have been designed for personnel working in service-related industry sectors such as travel and hospitality, healthcare, insurance, finance etc as well as service-related functions such as customer service, sales and after-sales support, to help beef up their proficiency in the use of Basic English.

Equipping staff with a good command of the English language benefits your organization in many ways. Some benefits include:

  • Enhanced customer service experience for your clients

  • Improved understanding of concepts and ideas communicated to staff

  • Improved communications within the organisation, and across its departments

  • Increased business opportunities

  • Enhanced learning and growth opportunities for staff, particularly those who are non-native English speakers

VerztecLearning™ Basic English Proficiency Course consists of two modules. Other than service personnel, front-line staff, and those who work within corporate services, these English modules will also help technical staff improve their English proficiency and communication skills at the workplace.

Human Resource team is also able to track and evaluate staff overall learning progress through our web-based Learning Management System.

  1. Module 1 focuses on ‘Effective Conversational English’. Participants will learn to identify communication barriers that may exist at the workplace, as well as the respective solutions. Participants will also gain proficiency in conversational English, and be instructed on proper pronunciation and enunciation.

  2. Module 2 focuses on ‘Proper Sentence Construction of the English language’, will offer participants vital tips on constructing clear and grammatically correct sentences. Upon grasping these tips, participants will be given opportunities to put them to practise via engaging lessons and exercises within the module.

At the end of these modules, participants can expect to see marked improvements in their English language proficiency.

Course Length for English Proficiency Module 1 and 2: 50 Minutes
Price of English Proficiency Course: $40.00 Per User / Year


To get started on the FREE English Proficiency Pre-Assessment Programme and discover how your company fare in terms of their Basic English proficiency at the Workplace, contact us at +65 6577 4646 or learning@verztec.com today!

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