Custom E-Learning Development

More and more, companies need assistance to meet the growing demand for online training and development.Our development team is able to design, develop and implement sustainable learning solutions within your budget and timeline. Working closely with you to understand your requirements and company culture, we deliver custom online training that allows your employees to excel and realize their latent abilities.

Convert Your Existing Training Programmes into E-Learning

Client: Allianz


Client: Canon


Client: Lenovo


Client: Shangri-la Hotels & Resorts

Shangri-la Hotels & ResortsShangri-la Hotels & ResortsShangri-la Hotels & Resorts

Client: United Overseas Bank

United Overseas BankUnited Overseas BankUnited Overseas Bank

Client: Bayer


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Client: Unilever Lifebuoy

Unilever LifebuoyUnilever LifebuoyUnilever Lifebuoy

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Client: US Customs

US CustomsUS CustomsUS Customs

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Leveraging on our long-time localization expertise, we differentiate ourselves from our competitors by providing culturally-adapted solutions with superior instructional design, multimedia, and technology implementation that can be rolled out in a wide range of foreign languages, for your global training needs.

We provide localization of content that suits your learners’ language, ethnicity, cultural background and level of education. We give utmost attention to granular details such as colors, language, buttons, pictures, templates while ensuring the quality of the original content.

Custom E-Learning Development Expertise:

  • We work with your Subject Matter Experts (SME).
  • We apply sound instructional design principles to your courses.
  • We produce graphics, animations, voice-overs, interactions, and assessments.
  • We assemble them in a proven, standards-conformant (AICC/SCORM) E-Learning format, branding the courses especially for your organization.
  • We test and make sure all comprehensive QA is well performed and that the courses work well with your LMS platform so that you are all ready to go!

Our Custom E-Learning Development Steps

1. Discovery

The project scope and objectives are established. This includes a review of the development team, the target audience, understanding key objectives, any content materials that may be available and provided, identify potential problems that will eventually be solved.

2. Design

Requirements for each element of the course are outlined. We will design a suitable E-learning Course UI just for your organization with your brand identity. We will evaluate existing content, required interactions and animations, and applicable uses of standardization, use of templates, production and re-use of media elements.

3. Development

We assemble a specialized E-learning Development team, involving your participation at any point along the way, where desired. The course is authored; media is created and assembled including graphics, audio, video, etc. The process of testing, editing and modifying is simple using Radiance, our very own collaborative, hosted, LMS (Learning Management System) staging platform.

4. Deployment

We work with you to deploy your courses to your LMS (Learning Management System). Some other options we provide also include publishing for the web or to a CD.

Our capabilities include:

  • Radiance™ (Our Learning Management System)
  • Design and Conceptualization
  • Storyboard / Instructional Design
  • Content Development
  • Multimedia Production
  • Rapid E-Learning
  • Graphics Design
  • Interaction Development
  • Translation, Editing and Proofreading
  • Multilingual Voice-overs
  • Localization Testing

All E-Learning courses produced by VerztecLearning™ are SCORM compliant, which will work on virtually any Learning Management System (LMS) platform, other than Radiance™, including Blackboard, SumTotal, Moodle, Angel, and WebCT.