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Upskilling for the New Normal

Upskilling provides a future-proof plan of action for businesses and employees alike – delivering increased agility and a competitive edge.


  1. Learn new skills or fine-tune the ones you have in everything from project management and agile, to data science and machine learning
  2. Take courses, read books, or listen to audiobooks anywhere, anytime – from your computer, mobile device or tablet
  3. Chart your own learning path with Aspire journeys, which can help you accelerate your skill development and capabilities
  4. Grow your leadership skills with an exclusive learning program powered by MIT Sloan Management Review
  5. Learn in the flow of work with ELSA, a browser plug-in that embeds real-time knowledge right into the work you’re doing
  6. Be Future-ready and build in-demand skills for the long haul, like Supply Chain Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Digital Marketing and Cybersecurity


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 Skillsoft Expert with Codeacademy Business Advance Skillsoft Leadership Development Program

Learning Content Available in Course Bundles:

  • Skillsoft Expert with Codeacademy
    Cloud Security Fundamentals: Cloud Application Security, Application Security Awareness & Validation, Secure Application Architecture & IAM, Agile Principles and Methodologies and many others
  • Business Advance
    Adapting to Change, Administrative Skills, Accountability, Discovering Your Strengths, Customer Relationships, Managing a Crisis, Selling Essentials, Self Development and many others
  • Skillsoft Leadership Development Program
    Building & Leading Teams, Cross-Cultural Leadership, Customer First Leadership, Embracing Diversity, Leader as a Coach, Leader as Motivator, Leadership Networking, Leading Virtually, Managing Conflicts, The Agile Leader, The Digital Leader and many others

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