Budgets and Managing Money

For managers, it is good to be aware of your company’s financial health and familiarize yourself with the cycle of finance. Having a proper understanding allows you to be better equipped and mindful when it comes to budget allocation and preparation; essentially keeping you from incurring unnecessary expenditures. Through this course, pick up key concepts of finance and accounting, and learn how to prepare budgets with confidence and ease.

Course highlights:

  • The basics of accounting and finance
  • How to look at financial reports, income statements and financial statements
  • Ways to track business expenses and how to develop a good budget
  • Simple ways to manage money to generate profit
  • Ways to compare investment opportunities and what to do when finances affect people
  • About the ISO 9001:2000 series
  • Decision-making skills

This course will benefit:

Those who hold managerial positions in the business industry.

Course Duration: 1 hour (60 minutes)
Course Fee: $40.00 Per User / Year

For volume license purchase, please reach us at learning@verztec.com for a proposal.

* Course User Licenses are issued for a one year period and are to be renewed annually

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