Building Relationships for Success in Sales Framework

When your products or services are comparatively similar to those of your competitors, what’s left to fall back on is the relationship you share with your customer. Whether you make or break the deal can very well boil down to the impression he/she has of you. Thus, it’s not just about knowing your company’s offerings like the back of your hand; engaging the customer on a personal level is just as vital. Learn how to win over the hearts of your clients and clinch that deal!

Course highlights:

  • Debunking the myths
  • Enhancing your likeability
  • What influences people in forming relationships
  • How to win friends and influence people
  • Communication skills for relationship selling
  • Organizing your networks
  • The importance of body language

This course will benefit:

Client-facing sales personnel.

Features and benefits:

  • Clean-looking and user-friendly interface optimizes navigability, allowing users to learn independently
  • Rich content with downloadable reference documents enable users to gain an holistic understanding of the topics covered
  • Interactive elements found throughout the program engage users’ attention, stimulate interest and increase absorption of knowledge
  • Summaries, quizzes and hypothetical scenarios further reinforce understanding and facilitate learning
  • Full-fledged customer support team renders timely technical assistance, ensuring that courses can be completed with minimal disruptions
  • Professional-looking certificates can be printed as proof of completion
Course Duration: 1 hour (60 minutes)
Course Fee: $40.00 Per User / Year

For volume license purchase, please reach us at for a proposal.

* Course User Licenses are issued for a one year period and are to be renewed annually

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