Getting Stuff Done

There are several different organizational systems and time management methods out there but it is up to each individual to figure out what works best for himself/herself. Enable better control of your life with this course: explore the various organizational and time management techniques, and learn how to work towards a customized productivity plan for your personal and professional lives.

Course highlights:

  • Understanding what personal efficiency is, what skill sets can improve personal productivity, and what attitudes should be cultivated
  • How to set a personal vision and develop dreams and goals from it
  • How to use the Eisenhower principle to prioritize work
  • Learning about a plan for an efficient workspace, including a customized information center and a filing system
  • Ways of saying no

This course will benefit:

Those who wish to gain better control of their lives by adopting better organisational and time management habits.

Course Duration: 1 hour (60 minutes)
Course Fee: $40.00 Per User / Year

For volume license purchase, please reach us at for a proposal.

* Course User Licenses are issued for a one year period and are to be renewed annually

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