Safety in the Workplace

Work place accidents are not exclusive to only industrial sectors as carelessness and oversight on the victim’s part in an office setting can also result in dire consequences. An office walkway with boxes and bags mindlessly strewn across the floor can prove to be just as detrimental as a poorly maintained scaffolding structure at a construction site. As such, aside from the management’s responsibility to provide a safe working environment, it is up to each and every employee to uphold and sustain the safety measures put in place.

With this course, shed light on the potentially hazardous areas and take safety into your own hands.

Course highlights:

  • Defining a safety culture
  • Creating a safety committee
  • Identifying and resolving hazards
  • Taking proactive measures and devising a safety plan
  • Procedures for incidents and reviewing your safety plan

This course will benefit:

Employees of any organisation.

Course Duration: 1 hour (60 minutes)
Course Fee: $40.00 Per User / Year

For volume license purchase, please reach us at for a proposal.

* Course User Licenses are issued for a one year period and are to be renewed annually

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