Workplace Harassment

Over the past few years, we see more women entering the workforce. As this statistic surges, the probability of harassment taking place at the workplace increases as well. However, it is not just the females, but also the males who find themselves in similar predicaments. Hence, there is a growing need for all working adults to be educated on what constitutes harassment and how they should go about protecting themselves.

With this course, equip yourself with the essentials: from learning how to identify harassment, to knowing how to resolve such incidences.

Course highlights:

  • Defining harassment and identifying sexual harassment
  • Knowing the preventive measures against harassment
  • Dealing with harassment and accusations of harassment
  • Resolving workplace harassment

This course will benefit:

Anyone who works in a group setting and/or is often required to interact with others.

Course Duration: 1 hour (60 minutes)
Course Fee: $40.00 Per User / Year

For volume license purchase, please reach us at for a proposal.

* Course User Licenses are issued for a one year period and are to be renewed annually

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